The world of eSports or electronic sports has been breaking popularity records for several years and the bookmakers have not ignored this fact, incorporating into their offer the possibility of betting on the main tournaments of the most popular competitive multiplayer games, such as League of Legends, DOTA 2 or Counter Strike Global Offensive or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds among others.

How to bet on eSports?

The way to bet on esports is similar to that of conventional sports betting. The first thing is that you must be over 18 to be able to bet and second, you must find a betting house that allows you to bet on eSports. You can do this without having to register in any of them. All you have to do is go into the betting houses and check if the eSports are on the list of available bets. They usually appear on the left side of the betting menu.

Once you are clear that in that house you can bet on the eSports tournament you are looking for, it is as simple as choosing the team that will win, by clicking on it or its quota and automatically your bet will be added to the betting coupon. Choose the amount you want to bet by filling in the appropriate box and click on bet. Of course before betting you will have to make a deposit in your betting account. The most common forms of payment are by bank card or Paypal.

Bookmakers with eSports

If you want to save the work of going one by one visiting all the bookmakers to see which has sports bets, you only have to look at the list that we have made below with all the bookmakers that include the esports in their offer of game. They are still few but it is expected that the list will increase over time.


Betfair is a British betting house licensed in UK that allows you to bet on esports. Bets are usually available for CS: GO, LOL, and Dota2, as you can see in the screenshot attached.

It is a fairly complete betting house since it has a very good number of markets in Esports. Currently they have a welcome bonus of € 100 in free bets that you can progressively get as you go betting.

If you are also a sports fan, it is common to see offers of welcome with super-tickets for football matches of great interest and is usually the best way to start since that way you can get high amounts in freebs quite easily. If you want to know more about Betfair and everything it offers, check out analysis here or visit its website directly.


Bet365 is another betting company with eSports. As you know, it is one of the most well-known and veteran houses. It has a fairly complete sports betting section, because it allows you to bet on countless DOTA2, Overwatch, Starcraft II, Player Unknown Battlegrounds or CS:GO tournaments.

It is undoubtedly the house with the greatest variety of sports bets and the odds are also at a high level as is usual. Bet365 is one of favorites bookmakers because it does not lack anything, both in real sports betting and e-sports. If you want to know more about Bet365, what is your welcome promotion or its main features.


Luckia is another of the betting houses that offers the possibility of betting on eSports. Most available bets are focused on Counter Strike tournaments: GO and DOTA 2. It is also possible to find bets on Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, Starcraft 1 and 2 and even Warcraft 3.

Luckia is a Spanish betting website with a bonus whereby you can get up to € 200 in free bets. This bonus is composed of two phases. In the first bet you make after registering in Luckia, you can get up to € 100 in free bets and to get the remaining € 100 you must make 10 bets that add a value of € 200 or more wagered, to a fee of 2 or higher.


Kirolbet also allows you to bet on eSports. It is the one that we liked least since the variety and amount of bets available are lower than in other bookmakers. The majority of bets that can be made are very short-term and many games are missing.

Most bets are from League of Legends and CS: GO, usually at events that take place that same week. We would have liked to be able to consult other tournaments more ahead of time and with other games as well. In addition, Kirolbet does not have any welcome bonus, which is not the best option if you want to bet on esports or sports in general. We believe that there are better options to bet, although that being said, the design of the website is quite attractive and if you are very interested in LOL and CS bets: GO may be an option to consider.

Most popular eSports games

The most popular games in Esports are those that have a large player base. The tournaments of Dota2 and League of Legends are especially famous, two very similar games in which we control a group of heroes with diverse abilities with the objective of defeating the enemy team.

Other extremely well-known games in the world of eSports are the Starcraft II, another well-known strategy title and the Counter Strike Global Offensive, the famous tactical shooter of Valve. Other games that are usually used in ESports tournaments are the Call of Duty in one of its almost infinite versions, the Halo, preferably in its fifth installment, the Quake or the FIFA among others.