Bet365 is the leading bookmaker in UK and it is because of the great features it has as well as a reputation already worked over the past few years. Read our review and discover everything they offer the bettor.

How to bet in Bet365?

To make a football bet, for example, we will press on the left side of the screen and a menu will be opened with the most important games that have to be played.

Each category is headed by a headline in green and inside it we can see all relative bets. That is, if we show the category of “Final Result”, we can bet on the final result of the match that we want within the wide variety available. We will have to look for the league, and the specific match that interests us within that category. There are many other markets such as Goals, Asian Handicap, Double Chance, etc.

At the top we have access to the live events that are being played at this moment and those with an icon of a television, we can see them with live images. The design of the web is very intuitive, with the most interesting live bets in the center of the main page and then the entire sports section in the menu on the left. Bet365 also has a very well resolved mobile app. The application works really fast and the fees are updated quickly depending on what happens in the selected event. The app is available for both Android and IOS. If you want to know more about how to download the Bet365 app, click here. Bet365 also has an online casino.

Bet365 live betting

Bet365 offers what is surely the best live betting service in the market. To the huge list of available events is added the possibility of seeing many of them with television images, which gives a new dimension to the emotion of betting.

To be able to see live events it is necessary that the user has funds in his account or that he has made a bet in the last 24 hours. You should also bear in mind that geo restrictions apply to events that can be viewed. The web works really fast since it was redesigned, something fundamental in live betting and the markers are very accurate as this feature requires.

To see the list of available live bets just click on the corresponding option in the upper left side of the web, see the huge list of available sports. You have live betting on football, tennis, basketball, handball, badminton, horse racing, greyhounds, ice hockey, rugby. You can see a calendar with the events that are close to be played as well as a schedule with those who are about to start. You can also see if it is broadcast on TV or not. If an icon similar to the Youtube logo appears next to the event, you can see it with a live image.

Combined in Bet365

Doing combos at Bet365 is really simple. You only have to choose the bets that interest you by clicking on the quota indicated on the screen. If you want to access the markets and bets of a particular event, click on the event, for example: “Real Madrid – FC Barcelona” and you will see all the bets available for that match.

Each time you click on a quota, that bet will be added to your betting coupon on the right side of the screen. When you have finished your combination, it is time to choose the amount you want to bet. You can choose to bet a quantity separately on each selection, or make a normal combination betting a more or less low amount for all your selections. For this last one, click on “Multiple options”, and where it says “Triples” in the case of a combination of 3 selections, you will see the quota to which you are going to bet and a box in which you must write how much you want to bet. Once filled, click on the yellow “Bet” button at the bottom and your bet will be placed. You can see the process here below.

Deposits and withdrawals

Deposit and withdraw balance of Bet365 is really simple. It becomes very easy from the mobile or computer, and takes only a few minutes. We deposit with a debit card and the payment appeared in our Bet365 account instantly.

The withdrawal options are numerous and when it came time to withdraw money from our account, the payment took less than a day to appear. Since then we have made numerous deposit and withdrawal transactions and in all the result has been equally satisfactory.


  • Full betting live
  • Very high odds and a great variety of bets
  • Specific payments
  • Simple and intuitive operation


  • The bonus is somewhat scarce

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