Kirolbet is a Spanish betting house that has several portals depending on our area of ​​residence. It has portals at the state level, or for more specific areas such as País Vasco, Navarra, Rioja or Canarias, each with its corresponding license.

In addition to bets, it has a casino and slots as well as most of its competitors. Kirolbet is the sponsor of numerous sports teams, among which Athletic Bilbao or Real Sociedad stand out among others. In our analysis of Kirolbet you will not only find the most outstanding information of this bookmaker but also you will know the opinions of the users, something fundamental when making a decision.

What does Kirolbet offer?

Kirolbet has a website with a very attractive design. The predominant colors with gray, white and orange and the reading of both events and quotas is easy, thanks mainly to the contrast and the fonts chosen.

The website has statistics of previous events between two teams, live betting and a multitude of different sports to bet on. They also offer truncheons with boats of up to € 3000, but make no mistake, they are extremely difficult to guess right. There are 19 sports categories to choose from, among which stand out unpopular sports such as Basque pelota, rowing or surfing if we compare them with football, basketball, etc. Kirolbet also has a mobile application that allows you to bet from your device.

How to charge in Kirolbet

Kirolbet allows you to charge through bank transfer without any commission. You can also do it through the Kirolbet card, making use of one of the available ATMs in the betting shops.

How to enter

Kirolbet accepts deposits by Visa or Mastercard bank card, Kirolbet Card or bank transfer.

What is the Kirolbet card?

The Kirolbet card works like a prepaid card to which you can load money and then use it in the betting machines or on the web. You can also pass the balance of the winning tickets to the card.

Download of the app

This bookmaker has an app for Android or IOS that allows you to:

  • You can see the physical location of Kirolbet ATMs
  • Scan award-winning tickets and add the prize directly to your account
  • Configurable alerts and alerts, both from your team and from live events

To get the Android Kirolbet app, you have to manually download it from your website, since you will not find it on Google Play. The reason is that betting apps are not allowed in the Google market, so you’ll have to download it from here and install it manually.

Final assessment and opinions of Kirolbet

Kirolbet is a bookmaker that has little to offer the bettor apart from excellent odds. It has no welcome bonus which is in our opinion a first level obstacle to attract new players.

The forms of payment and withdrawal are scarce, and although it is usually enough to have a bank card, the truth is that other popular forms of payment such as Paypal are not present.

Kirolbet’s promotions are not too many. It is true that the truncheons are tempting and that for only one euro you can participate, but the chances of hitting are minimal and honestly it is an unprofitable modality.

The variety of markets is not their strong point, and is clearly below other bookmakers and live betting has not impressed us either. It is true that there are many events to choose from, but the on-screen graphics leave something to be desired and provide little information to the bettor. In general we believe that it is a correct betting house but that it can improve. The large fees are a first step at least and if you do not care about the rest of your shortcomings can be an option to consider if you want to register in a Spanish bookmaker.


  • Possibility of making batons
  • Interesting odds
  • Physical premises
  • Kirolbet Card


  • Does not have a welcome bonus
  • Limited promotions
  • Poor live betting

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